Omega 42 Waterjet

Powerful Alamarin-Jet OMEGA 42 waterjet

The Ω42 is the first model in the Alamarin-Jet OMEGA SERIES, with a max input power of 2040HP and unique features such as:

The Omega Series epitomises Alamarin-Jets dedication to user-focused, highly efficient and innovative design.

The Alamarin-Jet mixed flow pump design is proven to outperform competitive products in comparable size range and above.

The Omega Series promises high speed efficiency (55+ knots) while maintaining extremely high bollard pull and cavitation margins.






Omega 42 Waterjet
Dimensions 0-degrees shaft angle 4-degrees shaft angle
A 886 mm / 34,87 in
821 mm / 32,33 in
B 3309 mm / 130,3 in
3318 mm / 130,6 in
C 897 mm / 35,31 in
897 mm / 35,3 in
D 1325 mm / 52,1 in
1318 mm / 51,9 in


  • Pump type
    Mixed flow

  • Max vessel displacement
    24,000kg / 53,000lbs

  • Jet construction
    Aluminium / Stainless Steel

  • Max impeller diameter
    480mm / 18.9″

  • Max impeller shaft RPM
    2300 1/min

  • Max input power
    1500 kW / 2040 HP

  • Jet weight
    815kg / 1,797lbs

  • Reverse deflector control
    Hydraulic / SIGMA Controls

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