AJ 285 Waterjet

The newest jet in the COMBI-FRAME series

The AJ 285 is the newest jet in the COMBI-FRAME series. The patented Combi-Frame technology allows designers, builders and owners maximum flexibility when locating the position of the propulsion system within the vessel.

Choosing between 2 different hull installation inserts allows the jet to be installed either in LONG TAIL or SHORT TAIL configuration. Following the success of AJ 245 many customers requested the combi-frame installation method for larger, more powerful vessels. AJ 285 is suitable for engines up to 500HP. Applications include workboats, military vessels, pleasure craft and many more.

Features include:

  • Conical impeller housing
  • Grease lubricated main bearing
  • Water or grease lubricated rear bearing
  • Integrated oil cooler
  • Patented COMBI FRAME installation method
  • Integrated steering cylinder
  • Universal hydraulic system

AJ 285 is compatible with AJ ACU and AJ SIGMA Controls.






Dimensions Long tail Short tail
A 503 mm / 19,82 in 504 mm / 19,83 in
B 1637 mm / 64,45 in
1637 mm / 64,45 in
C 698 mm / 27,47 in 698 mm / 27,46 in
D 454 mm / 17,87 in 454 mm / 17,87 in
E 327 mm / 12,88 in 725 mm / 28,55 in


  • Pump type
    Mixed flow

  • Jet construction
    Aluminium / Stainless Steel

  • Max impeller diameter
    288mm / 11.3″

  • Max impeller shaft RPM
    3700 1/min

  • Max input power
    368 kW / 500 HP

  • Jet weight
    181kg / 399lbs

  • Reverse deflector control

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