AJ 160 Waterjet

Smallest jet in the Alamarin-Jet range

The AJ 160 waterjet is the smallest in the Alamarin-Jet range, with the majority of applications in luxury pleasure tenders and small commercial vessels. AJ 160 is the only commercially rated waterjet of its size available and as with all Alamarin-Jet products there are no limits on operational profiles.

Features include:

  • Conical impeller housing
  • Grease lubricated main bearing
  • Grease lubricated rear bearing
  • AJ ACU control system as standard






AJ 160 Waterjet
Dimensions AJ 160
A 375 mm / 4,75 in
B 1166 mm / 45,95 in
C 510 mm / 20,08 in
D 300 mm / 11,82 in


  • Pump type
    Mixed flow

  • Jet construction
    Aluminium / Stainless Steel

  • Max impeller diameter
    186mm / 7.3″

  • Max impeller shaft RPM
    5000 1/min

  • Max input power
    100 kW / 136 HP

  • Jet weight
    38kg / 84lbs

  • Reverse deflector control
    Mechanical or ACU

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