Actuator Control Unit

A Modular Propulsion Control System

The Actuator Control Unit system or ACU system is a modular propulsion control system designed to be adaptable for multiple configurations with simple selection
of modular components.

The ACU system can be used to control the waterjet deflector and waterjet steering, as well as engine throttle or gearbox engagement.

The main unit in the system is the ACU itself. The ACU is a controller box which can control one (1) actuator at a time within the overall system.

The ACU can accept its own internal potentiometer control, an external signal supply (typically 0-5v) or a CAN signal (NMEA 2000, rudder message).

The ACU can be configured via the integrated button and ‘traffic light’ LED’s or a Service Tool item (option).

Actuator Control Unit









The ACU control system is available in several different assemblies. When it comes to controlling a jet, the correct ACU control system assembly depends on the model of the jet and the model of the control device.

Electrical specification
Operating voltage 12 Vdc ±20% or 24 Vdc ±20% (protection against reverse polarity)
Electric actuator position signal 0 … 5 V or potentiometer 5 kΩ … 20 kΩ (scale can be calibrated)
Mechanical control 33C control cable, 80 mm stroke
Protection level IP67

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