Quality and Ethics | Sustainable Manufacturing
Environmentally friendly

Sustainable manufacturing

As a leading manufacturer of waterjets and control systems, Alamarin-Jet ensures its products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner.

All our operations have been guided by a certified environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard for about 20 years. We are constantly monitoring and improving the amount of waste we produce and it’s recycling and recovery rate.

Made to last for decades
Durable products

Made to last for decades

Every product is designed and manufactured to last for decades.

We regularly release product update packages that enable the long service life of our products.

Certified quality

We strive for the best quality possible

Our ISO quality management certifications guarantee that our quality management system’s processes and procedures comply with international quality and environmental standards.






LRQA Certification
Code of Conduct

We want to be recognized by customers and other stakeholders as a honest, reliable and committed company

Alamarin-Jet Oy appreciates the long-term business relationships, which enable it to create added value for customers and shareholders, as well as provide its employees with safe and challenging jobs.

Code of Conduct is a natural part of our business and we bring it up as part of the collaboration with our partners.

We are committed to full compliance with all applicable laws and company-binding international agreements. Respect and comply with the competition rules, environmental regulations, labor laws and agreements set the framework for our activities, and safety and other regulations, as well as good governance. We expect the same from our partners.

Alamarin-Jet Oy demonstrates honesty and transparency in collaboration with their business partners, and honors the agreements and commitments. We expect the same from our partners.

Alamarin-Jet Oy employees must have a written agreement with supervisor if they want to participate in business outside Alamarin-Jet Oy or position of trust activities (board memberships etc.). They are not allowed to work or even indirectly be involved in the business, which competes or does business with Alamarin-Jet Oy.

Alamarin-Jet Oy employees must not engage in any activity which may result in a conflict of interest and shall not make use of relations with partners in order to achieve their own interests. Employees shall not pay or offer to pay bribes or illicit payments to government or other parties to promote business.

Alamarin-Jet Oy employees are not permitted to use corporate information or position within or through the specific opportunities or to assist any other in such information or position abuse. Company assets should be used only for legitimate business or other authorized purposes. Alamarin-Jet Oy employees are prohibited from engaging in business with the company’s competitive activity.

Alamarin-Jet Oy, employees should avoid making any decisions that are based on or derived based on the impact on business gifts. This includes the provision of personal gifts or services to, or taking, the value of which exceeds the normal co- representation, such as a business lunch, or participation in the ordinary course of business not forming part of the representation. This also includes the fact that the requested or give any promises in connection with gifts.

If employees provide or receive domestic or foreign travel tickets they need an approval from supervisor. Alamarin-Jet Oy does not make political commitments, but employees are encouraged to participate in community affairs, taking into consideration the normal incompatibility issues. Alamarin-Jet Oy supports and respects international human rights treaties and strives to facilitate their implementation.

Same treatment and same opportunities shall apply to all people, regardless of ethnic or national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, political opinion, nationality or social status.

Alamarin-Jet Oy does not accept any form of mental or physical punishment, threat of punishment, discrimination in respect of employment and work, workplace temptation, sexual or other harassment or forced work against the will.

Safe, healthy and hygienic working environment is characterized by activities and projects in which we are involved. The objective of work-related accidents and personal injuries is zero.

We respect and follow national laws and agreements dealing with social security.

We do not use child labor. Workers and other staff members must be at least 15 years of age or above general mandatory school age.
We respect workers’ right to organize an optional employee organization and to bargain collectively.

Representatives of the employees may not be discriminated against and they need to be given the opportunity to carry out their duties.
Alamarin-Jet Oy considers environmental aspects throughout the life cycle, and provides energy-and resource -efficient solutions.

Guidelines are a matter of entire personnel.

Each supervisor is responsible for their area of responsibility to ensure that both employees and partners are aware of the contents of the ethical guidelines as necessary and the compliance requirements.

Alamarin-Jet Oy management and other managers must also set a good example.

Follow up

Compliance with ethical guidelines is monitored continuously, as a natural part of daily operations. Repeated or serious deviations from the Code of Conduct will result in corrective actions. If one of the partners deliberately and repeatedly runs contrary to our ethical instructions, cooperation is terminated.