Warranty terms

Updated 2021/03

Warranty for the Alamarin-Jet products is 12 months from the first sea trial. However no longer than 18 months from the date of delivery from our factory. The only exception to this is when a pre-approved “Extended Warranty Package” has been agreed (Extended Warranty terms and conditions apply).

Alamarin-Jet Warranty covers defects in Alamarin-Jet workmanship and materials for the Warranty period. Alamarin-Jet warranty terms will not cover normal part wear nor following cases with external source of issue: incorrect installation, damage caused by outside affect, vessel overloading, misuse, abnormal wear and tear, accident, improper application, improper transportation or storage, natural calamity, unsuitable water conditions, lack of maintenance or neglecting correct procedures described in Alamarin-Jet manuals.

Any Alamarin-Jet product that is serviced, repaired or altered in any way by anyone other than party certified by Alamarin-Jet will not be covered by the warranty terms. Modifying or repairing Alamarin-Jet products with any other than original Alamarin-Jet parts will lead immediate invalidation of Alamarin-Jet product warranty.

Alamarin-Jet Warranty terms excludes indirect costs: Crane rent, docking, warping, towing, assistance of yard crew and services, loss of profit, travel, hotel charges, daily allowances and waiting time, expenses of unauthorized repair work of Alamarin-Jet products, expenses caused by failure of the jet to other components inside or outside the vessel, damages to any third parties, injuries, or any other inconveniences.

In order for warranty decision, Alamarin-Jet must receive defected parts with comprehensive failure description attached and transportation charges covered by the purchaser to Alamarin-Jet for inspection.
Based on given details and inspected product, Alamarin-Jet reserves rights to define whether the case is under warranty. After inspection Alamarin-Jet will provide documented description for the customer regarding the case.

In case replacement parts are needed before Alamarin-Jet has analyzed the returned parts, purchaser buys new replacement parts. After confirming potential warranty decision, Alamarin-Jet will provide credit note covering the parts under warranty. All products removed or replaced under the Warranty shall become property of Alamarin-Jet.

Alamarin-Jet reserves exclusive right for Alamarin-Jet warranty terms and no other person or distributor is authorized to modify this Warranty or give any other Warranty on behalf of Alamarin-Jet.

Alamarin-Jet Oy reserves its right to change, amend, add or delete any of the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Any disputes are to be settled according to Finnish law by arbitration in Helsinki, Finland according to the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce and in accordance with Finnish legislation of Arbitration.