Sigma Controls

Electro-hydraulic integrated drive-by-wire control system

Alamarin-Jet Sigma Control System is an electro-hydraulic integrated drive-by-wire control system.

It supports installations from single to quadruple waterjets. The system is based on modular architecture and the level of features depends of the modules integrated based on the user requirements.

In addition to the standard configuration of Sigma Control System, AJ Intelligent Dynamics is also available as an add-on feature.

AJ Intelligent Dynamics has been developed with future markets and industries at its core, such as effortless and straightforward integration with 3rd party autonomous and unmanned systems.

Intelligent Dynamics also features highly sophisticated position and heading keeping functions which give significant operational benefits to a wide variety of vessel types and applications.








  • Modular and scalable architecture – From single installation up to 4 jets
  • Multiple control stations
  • Multiple control head arrangement options
  • Flexible BUS architecture – each jet unit acts as an individual BUS node
  • Factory made modular cabling system, no custom cables required
  • Increased Redundancy – Based on individual drive lines and multiple control law levels
  • Easy to approach design
  • Installation is based on plug’n’play modules
  • Intuitive walk through commissioning procedure
  • Simple to use, new High Resolution display with modern UI/UX usability
  • Digital engine interface – Direct digital CAN-CAN Throttle control for responsive throttle management without delays
  • Sophisticated diagnostics – Multiple data logging and diagnostic options
  • Intelligent self-monitoring system. Temperature, Pressure and Fluid Levels are continuously monitored
Intelligent Dynamics features:
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Autopilot
  • Virtual Anchor
  • USV Ready – Comprehensive low-level (CAN) and high-level (IP) interfaces with augmented control algorithms and engine management for fast USV deployment

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