ALAMARIN-JET WEBINAR : High Speed Vessel Design: Safety, Comfort, and Performance

Alamarin-Jet has joined with Ullman Dynamics to present a new webinar: High Speed Vessel Design: Safety, Comfort, and Performance. We have teamed with Ullman Dynamics, the experts in high speed vessel seating and safety, to show how the human factors impact the design of high speed vessels. Alamarin-Jets combined with Ullman seating will give your crews and passengers the highest levels of safety possible without sacrificing your budget. Simply click on the link to register now!
This webinar is a special presentation in a series of upcoming topics prepared by Alamarin-Jet. Though we are a manufacturer, we are making these webinars focused on general knowledge rather than sales.
We hope you find it interesting, and that you participate in this and other upcoming webinars in this series.